It's never too late to make your dreams a reality...after all you are a human "becoming", ever evolving, ever adapting, ever reaching....all it takes is your willingness to put forth a lot of hard work.... --Deanna V. Amirante


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Deanna Marie

Deanna's Story

From Construction Sites to Digital Designs

After dedicating over 22 years to commercial construction, Deanna Marie discovered her true calling in surface pattern design through a simple Mother's Day project. As the creative force behind Kartoti Designs, she seamlessly transitioned her focus, shifting from the physical transformation of spaces to crafting stories through pattern designs. This vibrant journey from construction to creativity reveals her unique ability to see potential in every space, now through the lens of her passion for design.

The simple Mother’s Day project that started it all she lovingly named,  "The Leona Collection," was a tribute to the influential women in her life and signaled the inception of her original brand - Designs by dVa. Her enjoyment in creating repeat patterns and motifs quickly became her passion. As Designs by dVa flourished, Deanna had a deeper reflection on her work and its alignment with her heritage which led her to something that was weighing on her heart for a very long time…. to embrace a new chapter:
Kartoti Designs by Deanna Marie.

Kartoti, meaning "to repeat" or “repeating” in Lithuanian, perfectly encapsulates Deanna’s love for creating repeat designs that bring rhythm and harmony to any space or project, while also embracing her heritage. Opting for 'Deanna Marie,' she sought simplicity and a deeper connection with her community.

This isn't just a change of name; it's a renewal of Deanna’s commitment to beautify your world, one pattern and design at a time while still keeping her brand values and philosophy in tact; boldness - elegance - simplicity- trustworthiness. Through Kartoti Designs, she invite you to continue this journey with her, exploring the elegance, simplicity, and boldness that defines her designs. Each creation speaks volumes about Deanna's lifelong passion for design, always aligned with the brand's tagline:
"Turning Spaces into Statements, One Design at a Time." 

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