Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper


      Discover the art of gift wrapping with our bespoke Wrapping Paper Collection. Whether you're celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, or any special occasion, our carefully curated selection is thoughtfully crafted for the discerning giver. Designed to make every gift-giving moment extraordinary, our papers seamlessly blend aesthetics and quality, elevating each presentation to the forefront of elegance.


      • Dimensions: Available in sheets measuring 20" x 29" and rolls with widths of 24".
      • Material: Our sheets are printed on premium 70# Opaque paper, ensuring richness and clarity in every design, while the rolls boast high-quality 20# bond paper, guaranteeing durability and a seamless wrap.
      • Finish: Experience the elegant touch of a matte finish, which adds to the sophistication of every wrapped gift.
      • Printing Details: Rolls are designed with no bleed, featuring a delicate white edge on the sides, adding a clean and refined touch. In contrast, our sheets come printed with a full bleed, maximizing the design across every inch.
      • Packaging: Whether you choose sheets or rolls, rest assured your purchase will arrive in pristine condition, rolled carefully in a sturdy Kraft tube.

      Indulge in the luxury of all of our Wrapping Papers, uniquely designed by Deanna V. Amirante, and make every gift an unforgettable presentation.