Immersion Live 2023 - My  'aha moment" Takeaways

Immersion Live 2023 - My 'aha moment" Takeaways

Hello my creative friends!

I just wrapped up my 4th virtual experience with Immersion Live 2023, and I'm bursting with fresh insights and inspiration. Held over three days in October, we started with the “Open Studio” night — a couple of hours where Bonnie invited 8 artists to give us an a tour of their studios, while discussing their unique creative processes. The next two days were packed with keynote speakers, all under the captivating theme: “The Art of Business.”

One of my major light bulb moments came from Barbel Dressler, an artist from Sweden who creates beautiful vintage repeat patterns. She emphasized treating my art business like a large corporation, with the twist that I'm the CEO. She also said to write down my current tasks; I pinpointed areas where my energy flows and identified what needed to go, spend less time on or delegate out. That was truly an "aha" moment for me! 

Following her, Amy Porterfield, the online marketing maven, further echoed this sentiment. But what really got me was her concept of the “Safety Dilemma”. It made me realize that the very things keeping me safe were also the ones keeping me stuck for far too long.

And speaking of revelations, Bonnie Christine's sessions were nothing short of enlightening. Her words that still echo in my ears? 

  • The importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, 
  • finding revenue streams without limits,
  • and the golden advice — to start acting like my future successful self right now!

So, what can you expect from me going forward? 

  • New designs and patterns are in the pipeline
  • I’ll be rolling out more tutorial videos,
          and most importantly, 
  • I’ll be showing up more consistently, for all of you! 

Here's to our shared creative journey ahead!


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