Immersion Live 2022 - My Take Aways

Immersion Live 2022 - My Take Aways

Immersion Live 2022 - My Take Aways

This year I attended a virtual conference for creatives called "Immersion Live". I've attended this conference annually for the past 3 years and I just LOVE it! I've never really posted or shared about my take aways or highlights from the conference before, but this year really truly spoke to me and I just have to share with you some highlights and my take aways.

But First....What is Immersion Live?

First let me explain exactly what Immersion Live is. As I mentioned above, it's an annual virtual conference for creatives hosted by Bonnie Christine. This conference is held over 2 and half days in October. It starts off with an "open ladies sketch night" followed by guest speakers that share various creative topics or their creative journey's. 

So Who is Bonnie Christine?

For those of you who don't know, Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and educator. I first discovered her years ago on Skillshare when I was having a creative block. I ended up taking her class as a way to get my mojo back and loved her teaching style. Even though I already knew how to create a pattern; I learned so many new techniques and how to use new tools in Adobe Illustrator, not to mention I got my creative mojo back.  She eventually created a membership group for surface pattern designers called "Flourish" which she invited me to join. The thought of being part of a community specific to my niche of surface pattern design excited me - so I joined and have been a member ever since. 

Since her Skillshare class she has created a course called "Immersion". To keep up with my pattern design education and community I also signed up and took that course as well. She now offers her "Immersion" course each year. 

"Reclaim Your Path to Success", 2022's Theme:

This year’s theme was “Reclaim Your Path to Success” - which truly spoke to me.  Reading the theme was like divine intervention for me as I have been off my path and easily distracted when working on my business for the past couple of years.

Bonnie, as always, had an a wonderful line up of amazing and talented speakers this year. A few of them I follow on socials, one of them was in my Flourish peer group a few years back, and several of them were new to me and I started following them right away. All of them related to this year’s theme.

The Take Aways

So as far as the take aways - I have so many. I have decided to narrow them down to the 4 that impacted me the most. They are (in no particular order):

  1. Practice your craft everyday; sketch everyday
    - Sarah Watts - @wattsalot on IG

    Sarah stressed the importance of sketching and how it helps develop your style and imagination. For me I was always at a loss of what to draw. I also had a tendency to overthink and be too literal when I drew. I learned from Sarah to draw from life, draw what you like, to think of how I want my patterns to look when I draw, and most of all there are no rules. It’s my interpretation and style that will come through - I don’t have to be literal and I definitely don’t have to be like everyone else.

    I started sketching during her presentation and have since implemented her “10 min a day” sketching routine. I have missed some days here and there, but have been more consistent than I ever was before. I typically like to sketch in the morning while everyone is still sleeping in my house. I make some pre-workout, sketch and then workout. It’s a great was to start my day.

  2. Practice 4 Habits of Success - with intention
    - Bonnie Christine -  @bonniechristine & @wearesurfacepatterndesigners on IG

    Bonnie talked about her journey to how she got to where she is today. She also talked about success. The main thing that resonated with me from this discussion was practicing the 4 habits of success:

    1. Focus on the Future

    2. Be a student - always learn

    3. Serve - help develop someone else

    4. Transition well

    All four of these helped me to clarify in what areas I needed to pivot creatively and in my business. I am implementing all 4 of these and looking forward to where they take me. 

  3. Pivot toward things that I love
    - Jeanetta Gonzales @nettdesigns on IG

    Jeanetta talked about pivoting - which ironically was something that I was wrestling with regarding my creativity and creative business. Specifically what to create, how to create it, what to spend my time on i.e. products or licensing, etc. Her presentation really helped me solidify that it was ok to pivot and something I really needed to do.  

    She stressed that I should trust my own process and instincts and to do what makes me happy. It’s time to take a chance on myself. It was during her presentation that I realized that if something isn’t serving me or others it’s time to pivot and do something that will and that it’s okay to do so. Even if it’s scary, to have courage and allow yourself to be flexible to explore new and different creative territory. By the end of her presentation, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do and was able to organize my thoughts on how to make it happen.

  4. I don’t have to stick to one technique 
    - Lissie Teehee  @lissieteehee on IG

It was super exciting to see Lissie presenting at the conference this year. Lissie was in my peer group when we first joined Flourish a few years ago. To see how she has grown as an artist and grown her creative business is so encouraging and motivating. 

During open studio night Lissie was doing a couple of different techniques with creating a drawing. I found this very motivating and inspiring and it also encouraged me to branch out and try something new myself. I combined what I learned from Lissie and what I learned from Sarah and incorporated that into my sketching. I also learned from her how she uses inks and watercolors to create her motifs; this is something I also want to experiment with.


    There were many more things I walked away with including a sense of community and a sense of worth and knowing there is room for me in my industry. There is room for you too!  That’s actually one of Bonnie’s mantras by the way. I also realized that when I get frustrated or feel myself floundering or on a hamster wheel not really getting anywhere, that it’s time to pivot and allow myself to grow.

    I hope this gives you a sense of the Immersion Live experience and what it has to offer.

    For more information about Immersion Live, the Immersion Course, the Flourish membership group or learn more about Bonnie, go to