4 Ways to Set Up Your Creative Space for Inspiration & Success

4 Ways to Set Up Your Creative Space for Inspiration & Success

Every creative has an environment all their own for creating a space that inspires and motivates them. Some creatives have a little corner in their bedroom or kitchen, some may have a space in their basements or maybe even a converted closet, others dedicate a room in their home for them to create. No matter what or where that space is they all have one thing in common, big or small  - it’s their studio.  The artist, or creative, studio is a sacred and personal space whether one considers themselves an artist or a designer or both.

 I wanted to take a moment and give you 4 ways to set up your creative space for success as well as share some aspects of how I set up mine.

 1. Organize 

Organization can a have a different meaning from one artist to the next. For some organized may be just to pile all your paints into a drawer while another artist may have them organized by color and hung from a string or organized by color into little boxes next to painting space. 

For me I like to have my space organized into “zones” as I also run my household and pay bills from my studio. My desk not only serves as a place to pay bills and sign our daughter up for activities, but it’s also where I create my patterns and run my business. I have a drawer for household and a drawer for my business to keep that space organized.

The other "zones" in my studio are painting, storage for supplies and an area to take photos of my products.  

2. Comfy Chair

Having a comfy chair nearby or in your studio has many benefits. It’s a great place to go and brainstorm, read, ease an aching back or maybe even take time to sketch or write out your next big idea.

Here is the one I have in my studio and I even paired it with a fuzzy foot stool. (and yes this chair is super comfy 😊)

3. Bring The Outside In

    If you have a window in your studio space, draw back the blinds and let in the sunlight and bring some of that into your space. 

    Another way to bring the outside in, especially if you are tucked away in a corner without any windows, is to add a plant, some fresh flowers, botanical art prints or some crystals or stones are nice too. Basically whatever speaks to your inner creative and inspires you.



    4. Add some glam or something pretty

    I like candles and photos of my family and dogs in my space. I even like using baskets for their texture and pretty vases for my paint brushes. The picture I used for the "Organize" section is a mercury glass vase that I'm using for my paint brushes. What types of things inspire you and help get you into a creative mindset?



    What inspirational object or objects do you have to brighten your space?


    Do you need something inspiring to get started setting up your space? How about this Printable Floral Artwork for FREE?