10 Reasons Why Art Prints are Good for Your Space

10 Reasons Why Art Prints are Good for Your Space

Benefits of Wall Art Prints in Your Space

Have you ever seen a wallpaper pattern you just love, but are afraid or hesitant committing to covering an entire wall with it?  Maybe you feel conflicted because you really like the design and are trying to figure out how to add it to your space.  Well, Pattern Wall Art prints may be the answer you’re looking for. 

I’ve complied 10 benefits of adding Pattern Wall Art prints to your space.

1. Introduces Pattern to Your Space

 Perfect for those of you who are hesitant about covering your entire wall with a patterned wallpaper.

 A Pattern Wall Print might just be your answer for getting that pattern you love so much into your space. 


2.  Color Palette Inspiration

Have you ever watched a DIY decorating show where the designer builds an entire room based on the color palette from a wall art print or maybe a throw pillow? Many fabulous spaces start very much in this way.


Wall Art Prints are a great launching off point for the overall color palette and theme of a room. So when you see a pattern print that speaks to you, have fun and create your ultimate space around it.


3.  Creates a Focal Point in the Room

 I think we all have had those blank spots on our walls and not sure what to put there. Like over a fireplace or above a landing table or in a cozy corner for example. Wall art prints come in so many designs and sizes that they make a great option for filling those blank spaces on your walls.


4.  Adds a splash of color


Just like printed art work can be the color palette inspiration for your space conversely it can be used to add color to your space. Personally I like a neutral foundation and then introducing color to my space in the form of artwork.


5.  Pulls Space Together

Maybe you have an almost completed space and something just isn’t right about it. You space may feel a bit disconnected. A Wall art print is a great way to tie all your elements together, whether it’s with colors or texture of the art print.


6.  Great in Pairs or Groups

Wall art prints are great on their own, but put them in pairs or in groups and you are definitely making statement. Pairing or grouping your art prints creates visual interest, texture, and lets you put your favorite pieces together in one place. Having your wall art prints in the same or similar color family also ties the vignette together.


 7. Perfect Option when Can’t Attain or Afford the Original 

There are so many great artists in the world and maybe you are in love with some of their pieces. However attaining, not to mention affording, an original Picasso or Van Gough is for most of us, out of reach. The next best option would be an Art Print of your favorite piece. Personally I love my Van Gough’s Starry Night art print and it hangs lovingly in my studio where I can enjoy it everyday.


8. Many Shapes and Sizes Available

Have you ever seen a piece of art that you absolutely love but the piece is too big or too large for your space or where you want to put it. Well, Art Prints come in many sizes and shapes. For example if you absolutely love a piece where the original that is 48” x 60” but only have room for a 12”x 18” by purchasing a print of the original you can achieve getting just the right size for your space.


9. Perfect for Short Term Rentals


Are you going to be in a space short term like in a dorm or an apartment? Wall Art Prints are a great and economical choice for jazzing up your temporary digs. With so many shapes, sizes, colors and genres you are sure to find the perfect piece for your space.


10. Great for a Gift

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for a housewarming or special occasion? Printed artwork makes for a great choice.


What's stopping you?

Adding Printed wall art to your room creates a certain type of feel to the overall aesthetic of the space. Have you been saving to a Pinterest board art work you love but just haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing and displaying in your space? What’s stopping you? Take a chance and give your space a refresh or add to your next room make over project - after all you’ve got nothing to loose; except a great space if you don’t.